2003 - Presenting a third album by Dylan Tauber:

With Son of Waves Studios.

The Healing is available on all streaming platforms.

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  Track List

1 "The Wound" download mp3
2 "The Healing"
download mp3
3 "Messiah Virus"
download mp3
4 "The Prophecy"
5 "Trees"
6 "The Drug"
7 "Angels"
8 "Dolphin Swim"
9 "Flying high"
10 "Back to the Womb"
11 "Son of Waves 2.0"
12 "Dolphin's Cry 2.0"
13 "Island"
14 "The Upload"

Download free MP3's:
 "The Wound "- download mp3   "Dolphin Swim"- download mp3
  "The Healing "- download mp3   "Flying High"- download mp3
  "Messia Virus"- download mp3   "Back to the Womb"- download mp3
  "The Prophecy"- download mp3   "Son of Waves 2.0"- download mp3
  "Trees "- download mp3   "Dolphin's Cry 2.0"- download mp3
  "The Drug"- download mp3   "Island"- download mp3
  "Angels"- download mp3   "The Upload"- download mp3

iTunes customer review:

I am completely in love with this album. 5 stars.

by Becka

"After minute of playing the first song, I was completely in love with this album. The album transcends you to a different place. The creative introduction to each song is a refreshing addition that I have not heard in any other albums. Most of all I loved the soothing sounds of dolphins in the Dolphins cry 2.0 that makes you feel like you are one with the ocean. This is like a treasure that is waiting to be discovered. I love this album."

"The Healing" - Train #60 to Boston will be departing from gate 10...Time to heal from my wounds

"Trees"- Slow ambient piano groove about trees

"Dolphin Swim 2.0" - soothing ambient, electronica, with flutes

"Flying High"- Flying high over the Houses - fly with me

Finally recorded a rough version of my third ablum. The Healing. Thank God.

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