Press release for new Son of Waves Studios album, The Healing.

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August 4th, 2004
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International Recording Artist Dylan Tauber Releases "The Healing" off Son of Waves Studios

Boston, MA : Ambient techno producer, author, and multi-media
artist Dylan Tauber will release his third album The Healing off of
international label Son of Waves studios on August 4th. A citizen of the
world with a passion for the ocean, marine life, and the music of
indigenous peoples, Tauber crafts uplifting, meditative soundscapes that
have drawn comparisons to Deep Forest, Enigma, and Moby. The Healing was
largely inspired by Tauber's experiences living on remote islands in the
South Pacific, swimming and recording with dolphins and whales. The
adventures and revelations of that period culminated in the liquid,
cathartic journey that is The Healing.

Dylan Tauber began his prolific career in 1996 with the ambitious Double
Mirrors anthology, which includes a book, CD-ROM, soundtrack, and
companion website at The Double Mirrors project
evolves years later, as Tauber continues to explore the cyber-spiritual
revolution. In 1999, Tauber released his second multi-media project with
Son of Waves Studios, The Doorway, which includes a book and soundtrack.
The Doorway is a dark, apocalyptic journey addressing the destructive role
of doctors and drugs in society.

The Healing delivers 14 original tracks that reveal an artist and man who
has reached a more peaceful acceptance of this world. One fan raves: "It
was like drinking in the sunshine in the middle of the night." While no
companion pieces are scheduled currently, Tauber is seeking a partner to
collaborate with on future projects that involve more marine and field
recording expertise. The Healing is now available on and