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Dylan Tauber / Son of Waves Studios Music Reviews:

"Hi Dylan,
Just writing to say I'm a huge fan of your music. You are very gifted and definitely have made some of the most underrated ambient tracks I've ever heard. I listen to them while I study and for relaxation or when I cook dinner. I particularly enjoy your 'Sounds from Space' albums. and I can never get enough of those awesome middle eastern/Asian compositions and very infectious beats that have a strong 90's vibe to it. Love it."

Alex, Australia, 12/9/21

"Whenever I listen to your music I find myself delving into (or at once immersed) in a subjective space which resonates with some deeper sense of being that is at once very personal, but also somehow feels commonly human and so shared in some sense. In a sense reminiscent of the feeling when one’s head enters the water upon diving, or when falling asleep, but also having some non-literal access to some more overarching aspect of consciousness that is shared in some way. This notion or quality repeats with the different pieces you write, and is authentic and somehow ingenious."

Ronen, Israel, 9/6/21

"Hi Dylan I really like the theme of your music it's beautiful and true. I think you are an amazing musician and maybe one day you'll come to an interview in person! "

Radio Kol Ramla, Israel, 1/22/17

"Abandoned Planet" (from "Sounds from Space") is a great song/mix. I am imagining it in a movie soundtrack. Awesome recording and audio mixing. keep it up!

1/26/18, Glenn H. Manglona, Saipan Radio 100.3 KWAW

"I am an ambient DJ. I make my own tapes and CD's but to listen to all the excellent music on this site ... I actually shed tears it is very good! "


 I discover myself, fascinated by an endless liquid experience, through the echoes of my sea, trapped in time of delicate dolphin whispers... congratulation my dearest artist!
i think you grabbed the essence of it all... i would be happy to recieve some words from you. take care, Paolo Serrao
 I think that your music is very relaxing to the mind, body and soul. Keep up the excellent work you are doing. ..it was like drinking sunshine in the middle of the night..... =) teamo1@usa.net
 Man, I should have written earlier but only now am I finally getting around to contacting the people who make the music I enjoy. I have been coming to yer site for over a year
now, because this is some of the best music I have heard. This is electronic-ambient at it's best. I cannot express how much I enjoy yer music. What synths do you use? I hope you continue to produce and find what you are looking for, you've earned it.
 Hi Dylan, Son of Waves,While listening to your music, I am writing you. Till now only seen the DoubleMirrors.com entrance and at the moment staying at the 303net.com ... wonderful. See that there is much to experience on your site, so I will come back very soon. 'Crying Dolphin' really touched me, while a stream of tears could not be stopped, I experienced sadness and a deep love together. A friend of mine ordered the CD last week... I haveDolphinmusic, but not like this. The combination with the voice, the lyrics is so beautiful with love, Afra, Daughter of the Moon afra@flash.a2000.nl
 hey! i really like your stuff. i like the way you use the female spoken voice, it gives a strange but beautiful tension to the tunes. i just downloaded mini 700. the sound of the dolphins is really emotional, do you work with these creatures? i have my own musical project that ranges from dance to electronic classical. you can check it out at www.mp3.com/larabia greetings, BiCho la RABiA

 To: "SWS- Son of Waves Studios" <Dylan@DoubleMirrors.com> Subject: MP3.com viewer email

I think that your music is very relaxing to the mind, body and soul. Keep up the excellent work you are doing.

Latonia (Tonya)

 The DoubleMirrors soundtrack evokes a fantastic soundscape. The best value CD I think I've ever bought.
Brendan Sweeney <brendansweeney@windmillrise.freeserve.co.uk>
Kingston, Surrey, UK - Tuesday, July 06, 1999 at 19:33:06 (EDT)

 Subject: MP3.com viewer email

You've got a nice sound. I love the relaxing style--what do you call it--it's like Enigma. Well, you know I'm sure.

 the soundtrack is awsome like totally. Like send me some Cd Rom info. thanks
Jameill Barksdale <www.Doucorjiv3@aol.com>
temple Hills, MD USA - Thursday, July 01, 1999 at 11:57:32 (EDT)
 This site is brilliant! Beautiful images and the music is great. It's so nice to see someone using the internet (and the other medias) creatively. If more people were like this guy, the world would be better place.
Christer Tamm <d98-cta@nada.kth.se>
Stockholm, Sweden - Saturday, October 24, 1998 at 20:20:01 (EDT)
 Escellent, i love that kind of music. Your page is in my, best places notebook. I'd like more links about this music, please !!!!
CESAR GARCIA <Rec@Dreamcastrocks.com>
Popayan, COLOMBIA - Thursday, September 10, 1998 at 11:22:40 (EDT)
 I think you are a very creative person and your website is one of the best I have found your music is spectacular and I think your spirit will evolve to the perfection of freedom within you I wish the best to you and may god help you in your mission. Allways walk the corect path and soon you will get to your destiny.
Randall Cabezas Solano <rcabezas@sol.racsa.co.cr>
San Jose, CR Costa Rica - Monday, March 30, 1998 at 00:35:38 (EST)

 To: "SWS- Son of Waves Studios" <Dylan@DoubleMirrors.com> Subject: MP3.com viewer email

Hello there! I just want you to know that I like your style of music. It's an excellent piece of work. Almost every song is a masterpiece and any other song is a number one hit. I just want to give my support to your good work. Keep it up and keep it going!!! Greetings from Tim (The Netherlands)

 To: "SWS-Son of Waves Studios- RAW" <Dylan@DoubleMirrors.com> Subject: MP3.com viewer email

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Really cool stuff. We are cranking it out of our studio PA at our party here in Las Vegas. We have it out of a killer PA and add aural excitor, big bottom, EQ, and then get a pretty good CD quality. Anyways, keep up the tunes and best of luck.

 To: "SWS- Son of Waves Studios" <Dylan@DoubleMirrors.com> Subject: MP3.com viewer email

I just want to say, your music is incredible. My fave one is Crying Dolphin. the emotions it gives me are wonderful. I also love the sounds of dolphins and whales. I just thought you might like to know. Thank You

 Subject: WWW Form Submission

soundtrack comments: Even though I am not really into ambient, just hard trance I thought that your sounds are great. They were awesome.

Overall: 5 - very good

sound quality: 5 - very good


Thanks for both double mirrors and the doorway, I enjoy them immensly!
I would like to know if there are any other Nikki remixes or even a forthcoming album..

  I believe I heard this track on mp3.com or something like that about 1 1/2 years ago and I was mesmerized by it then as I am now. I downloaded it then and still have it. I've always wanted to use or remix this track. Its top-notch ambience! Speaking of that - music like yours and other Ambient artists need their own genre listing. Music this good gets lost in Electronica.


March 13, 2001

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