New Album complete October 14, 2017:

Son of Waves Studios Presents

 Dylan Tauber - has completed a 12th album.

This album is available now.

"He Loves Carmen" single, 7/7/17

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"Carmen Song" is already #1 on the ambient chart, and #2 on the electronic chart 1/25/18

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Press Release 10/10/17

Review on 10/23/17

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This album features the soaring vocals of Enlia:

And Francessca Belisario:

Hi Dylan, we've listened to your "Sounds from Space" album and your music is impressive. So deep and immersive. The pads are fantastic and bring a very soothing and dreamy energy. It has a very cinematic feel. The album flows and evolves very well. It is really a musical journey in its entirety. Solid work.



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