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"I Am Alive" is Dylan Tauber's 16th album.

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This entire album was featured on 39 radio stations in 39 countries on 3/25/23 by the European Indie Music Network, as well as on many other radio stations internationally.

6/27/23 - "Love And You Will Live" music video is being played on YES Music Channel 198 TV, Israel, twice a day for at least 2 weeks.

7/1/23 - "Love And You Will Live" music video is on the playlist of Channel 24 Music TV, Israel.

Dowload this entire album as a 38 minute MP3 set for free.

This album is available for download now on Apple Music, Amazon Music or streaming on Spotify.

I Am Alive is available on all streaming platforms.

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"Love And You Will Live" Lyrics, vocals by Vlad.

"Spirit Guides" Lyrics, vocals by Daisy, in Spain.

"The Whale" Lyrics, vocals by Daisy, in Spain.

"She’s A Dancer Lyrics" Lyrics, vocals by Daisy, in Spain.

"I Love You Forever" Lyrics, vocals by Mona Roselianne, in Indonesia.

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