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Near Death Experience

By Dylan Tauber

  Dylan Tauber - completes a 7nth album.

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"Into the Light," won #1 on the Beat100.com Audio Chart, 2/27/15

Near Death Experience

Track list, and free MP3 Downloads:

1. Into the light 2:10
2. Carry Me 3:32
3. The Sea 2:32
4. No Fear 2:14
5. So Far Away 3:40
6. NDE Long Mix 12:14
7. In Memory of Dr. Weil 2:08
8. Practice 6:36
9. Naked Bass 3:08
10. Triumphant 1:29
11. Near Death Experience 3:28
feat. Karmen Novko
12. IsraelNDE audio intro English 1:42
13. Israel NDE audio intro in Hebrew 0:40

total album length- 46 minutes

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A viola mix of "So Far Away," by Dylan Tauber, featuring Nick Revel

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