Introducing album #6 by Dylan Tauber

With Son of Waves Studios


13 soothing ambient electronica tracks featuring the vocals of Sarah and Dege. Music by Dylan Tauber. For sale on Apple iTunes

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  1. 7-31-06 dege 1.mp3
  2. 9-7-06 dege.mp3
  3. 9-7-06 2 dege.mp3
  4. upload_Sarah.mp3
  5. 2-5-07.mp3
  6. 7-27-06.mp3
  7. leaves1.mp3
  8. Doorway#11.mp3
  9. 5-3-07-looped
  10. 7-31-06.mp3
  11. 4-12-07.mp3
  12. 4-12-07 2.mp3
  13. 4-12-07 3.mp3

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