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Album #2 by Son of Waves Studios / Dylan Tauber, recorded in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1998. For 16 more SWS albums, click here

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Last song recorded on this album

 Live in The Studio.mp3

A sneak peak at the new alblum, The Doorway


Slow synth ambience about the persecution of hackers.Bob Dylan, Bruce Lee, hackers, including Kevin Mitnick. Midway, the song evolves into a cyber-emotional and inspiring blend of classic SWS synth pads, and ethnic middle east (Licensed) samples. Around 30 seconds near the end will probably be deleted, and the song isnt perfect, but the idea of SWS-RAW is to get raw unfinished tracks uploaded immediately. I recorded this song this morning!

Virtual Jerusalem.mp3

The first song recorded in my studio in Jerusalem, 1997. First song from this new album.

  Revolution is Coming.mp3

I created this this morning at 5 am, realizing that I "dont have much time.. . " Ambient soundscape featuring American Indian, middle eastern samples, and also a few short samples from the upcoming Star Wars prequel, the Phantom Menace. I fully expect the cyber-spiritual revolution to hit overdrive on May 19. . .The force will be with you. . . . always.


Nicki Part 1 (mix 1.2).mp3

Voice mail messages from Nicki, a penthouse pet i met online while i was in Miami, this part only with slight techno ambience. New mixes might follow when SWS settles down. Parts 2 and 3 (with more SWS ambience) are also available on this page.


Even The Most Backwards Tribe.mp3

Ambienet/techno film soundbyte soundscape about drugs and doctors;. . ."Only love kills the demon"


Nicki- Part 2.mp3

voice mail messages from Nicki, a penthouse pet i met online while i was in Miami. Part 3 is available further down this page.

 Sad Fury.mp3

ambient and slow, film samples, "Why he is developing the power of an atomic reactor....drugs no longer have any effect on him. . . perfect cybertronic relationship with all kinds of machines"


Nicki Part3.mp3


Ambient, but chilling soundtrack inspired by Terminator 2 and armegeddon visions. Warning- you have entered a contaminated zone. Please evacuate immediately. Short download. Headphones or speakers recomonded.


An Electronic Kiss.mp3

ambient, relaxing, my one way ticket was ready to Tel Aviv (Jan 1, 1997), and im experimenting with telepathic hugs and kisses with Melissa, a fellow dolphin. Listen to the MP3 with a good pair of headphones on this one : )


Political Refugee (underwater).mp3

if this doesn't relax you go buy some scuba equipment


In Memory of Dr. Weil.

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