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The Maldives

By a contributing writer for Son of Waves Studios

The Maldives with its many islands with white sand and turquoise water, is very beautiful. It is just perfect. The islands are so beautiful it's crazy. You can spend a whole day exploring and swimming in the beautiful waters. We decided to go on one day and take a boat ride. The boats cost about 50 cents and it was definitely worth it. The Maldives Islands are a complete paradise. They have no factories, roads, no cars, and no signs of modern society. We saw the whole country in a day. We saw palm trees and didn't see any trees. Not a single tree! We saw dolphins and sea turtles and not a single fish. It was beautiful. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone. The cost of the boat ride is cheaper than renting a car and you won't have any traffic when you get there. The boat ride will set you back about $4.00 which is much cheaper than what you would pay for a plane and hotel! If you have a group of 10 people (with an average age of 26 years) you should plan on spending about $55.00 for the boat ride and then another $20.00 on bus and car rental for the whole country!

If you have a child in school please try and get them to go with you! The Maldives is a child free's paradise. They have no work hours and they have lots of fun! They have schools where you can get your children to go! It's always a thrill to go anywhere. This trip is just a bit different than what you would normally go on and you will get a lot of fun from it! It will be a wonderful trip!

I just love the idea of an island that's completely deserted!

I have only seen one camel, four turtles, three whales, eight ducks and ten little shrimp!

We've even seen a cow and don't get me started on cows!

They say that there are around 4 million elephants in the islands. I've heard that it's a sacred area and no one is allowed to go there without a permit. I tried getting one the other day, but when I showed up at the office, they said that they only issue around 800 permits a year and only about 1000 people go there each year.

I didn't give up and called one of the offices and talked to someone there. They said that it was very easy to get a permit, but they only give them out around June. So I went online and found a company that issues permits for around $400. I made my reservation before they went off the market so I was the first person to go there and I wasn't disappointed.

We drove to the ship that was in the harbor, and I went in and got my boat and my crew and my stuff. I had my friend sit in the back and I told him that I was going to throw some flags and pretend like I was throwing an arrow and he was going to pretend like he was throwing a football.

We went for a joyride around the island. It was like another world! It was a different world! We went to some very primitive places where there was no television and no cell phones. It was really fantastic! We had a great time!

We stopped at a farm that had chickens and cows and donkeys and goats. There were donkeys all over the place, eating grass and drinking milk! The cows were all in a large arena where there was no place to stand because the floor was made of rocks. They don't have anywhere to sit because there is nowhere to sit anyway because the ground is just so hot and sticky. They had a race every so often where the top five cows would win prize money and chicken dinners. They don't have much but a place to sleep though they are given food and water.

It was great! I loved it! It was my first adventure like this and I was having so much fun! We had a lot of fun!

We continued driving up the mountain to the next camp site. We had an adventure at the top, with the cows, when they chased us and ate a huge piece of lightning rod from the top of the mountain! I threw some flags to try and scare them away and they ran off...I didn't even see the lightning rod when it was flying over my head. I think I would have been scared for real if they were chasing me! I love adventure!

It was so hot in the air balloon because the ground is so very hot and sticky! I was very surprised that there was nowhere to sit, they are in the air and it was so very hot! I would have loved it if there was somewhere to sit!

We went back down to the beach. We saw the monkeys swimming in the sea, we saw the monkeys climbing trees, we saw the monkeys flying through the trees, we saw the tigers and the dogs eating chicken bones. We had a good time!

I'm having such a great time with all the different animals, birds, and creatures all around me! I love going to the beach! I have such fun hanging out with my friends!

We saw a lot of different birds, cats, dogs, elephants, and a lot of different animals! This is just a small taste of the animal experiences I would have with my friends in the animal cabin! I love it! I love going to a natural park that has a lodge built right in the middle of the nature! I think that's cool! I have already reserved my cabin in the air animal cabin!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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