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I love Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia

By a contributing writer for Son of Waves Studios

I love Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia, and I stayed in an overwater bungalow. Here is how I spent my two weeks there.

Day One: Kope beach to Moly Vanua: 20 miles

We started out on a lovely day walking along the beach on the west coast of the island. The wind was at our backs and we enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our backs as we made our way to Kope beach. At Kope beach, we met our guide, James. He takes people from very adventurous to downright crazy but he put us on the right track! We took a dip in a local swimming pool after which we drove back to the bungalow.

Day Two: Moly Vanua to Moorea: 50 miles

We arrived in the afternoon and were excited to see the volcano! They are always amazing creations and here was no exception. But then, as we got to Moorea, we had to park on the side of the road and walk over a mountain and a lava flow to get to the hotel. If you've never been to it, you've got to be kidding! In fact, in the few hours that we were there, we saw it all! But, the bungalow was awesome and comfortable.

Day Three: Moorea to Moly Vanua: 55 miles

At Moorea, we took a long ride in the Bungalo which was awesome in itself. Here was the volcano again and I took a lot of photos in my time there! At Moly Vanua, we met James and decided to go to a waterfalls in the middle of nowhere. They actually had a bungalow that you could drop your bags in and we went there with James. And, I also took a lot of photos in my time there as well, but the bungalow's glass windows let in plenty of light in for photo taking. And, when we reached the waterfalls, we met a guy who gave us a tour and also made us tea! It was a really nice place and I absolutely recommend checking it out if you get the chance!

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