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The Thrilling Travel Experience of Saipan

By a contributing writer for Son of Waves Studios

My favorite island in the Pacific is Saipan. It is part of the Melanesian group and is located in the Southwestern Pacific near the borders of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Cook Islands. In the early 1900's there was only one small airstrip that consisted of two small runways. But this was transformed into an astounding network of beaches with over 450 islands, stretching over 1500 kilometers of coastline. It was estimated that in the course of an average month (May-October) the populace of this island may number in the billions.

Some of the most interesting things about Saipan is the fact that it does not have any permanent population centers. This means that it was able to retain its pristine quality even though it has frequent international and local flights to destinations as far as New Zealand and Singapore. It has a very large number of islands that are home to a high proportion of its human population. As a result the people that live here are very open and communicative with one another. I found that the more we learned about these places the more excited we became.

There are a few things that you have to know about Saipan. For instance, a lot of the main roads are dirt paths and there are no gas stations or supermarkets. As a result we had to carry our fuel in tanks on our heads. We also had to carry our water and food in barrels. These practices are very modern and in accordance with the island's nature. The traditional way of drinking, bathing and cooking is still in force.

Most of the areas are quite pristine and you will also find a very large concentration of birds. You will be surprised to know that there are few humans about in Saipan.

There are many beaches where you are free to lie down and not worry about the elements.

Saipan does have a very active night life which involves a lot of local bands. You will be surprised to know that one of the very famous beaches in Saipan has a band that has played in Tokyo, London and NYC.

The nightlife is a big part of what makes Saipan a very popular island in Asia.

What is a Traveling?

Since I have come to Saipan I have become a very fanatical traveler and I don't think that I am alone in this. Saipan is considered the 'most exotic island in Asia' and is loved by people from all over the world. Saipan is a very big place and so is the travel. If you are a person who loves to travel then it is better for you to plan a holiday in Saipan and travel here to your hearts content.

What you need to make Saipan Travel

You don't need anything special for the travel. It is more of a matter of time that you take a tour from Saipan Travel Agency. Saipan Travel Company is an excellent agency that helps you plan your travel. It will definitely help you to make the Saipan travel that you have always dreamt of. Saipan is one of Asia's favorite travel destination that you must visit. Traveling in Saipan will help you to explore and learn about the local cultures. If you want to learn about the rich history of Saipan then you will need to visit the old villages and see the tombs. There is a lot to see and do here. Saipan Travel Agency will help you plan your Saipan travel. From the moment you enter the agency, you will have your itinerary. Saipan Travel Agency will guide you through the city, providing you with everything that you need. Saipan is a beautiful city that you must visit. Your time in Saipan will be an amazing adventure.

Saipan has some of the most exotic places in Asia. There are some sites in Saipan that are truly breathtaking. The food is also another very exciting factor that makes Saipan travel worth it. The food here is excellent and so are the cooking techniques that make Saipan travel a very special and unique experience. From the moment you enter Saipan you will be enthralled by the charm of the place. The people here are also friendly and so are the tourists. The way of living is also very interesting. Saipan is one of Asia's favorite travel destinations that you must visit. Traveling here will make you feel special. The place will make you feel like a celebrity.

Saipan Travel Agency does not need any registration papers to stay in. Saipan Travel Company is a Company that operates through Foreign Investment Promotion Board. This company does not use mark "Saipan", which is a trademark of Saipan Travel Company Limited. Saipan Travel Company Limited is authorized as "Company for the sole and exclusive purpose of permitting travelers to enter Saipan, in Yunnan Province, China.

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