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The island of Guam in the Pacific, is beautiful

By a contributing writer for Son of Waves Studios

One of the first things you will notice on arrival is the gorgeous views. From the air, Guam looks like one huge flower. In fact, there are over 400 species of flowers on the island. You will see them everywhere, growing from the soil, in the trees and along the cliffs. They have done this through years of natural selection.

We have the perfect temperature most of the year. It is a dry country so we have lots of trees and shrubs. There are also lots of cactus and herbs. The plant life in Guam is varied and diverse. It is the only island in the Marianas that has plant life similar to the mainland.

The climate on Guam is hot and dry. You can get away with bringing simple clothing most of the year. One caution though. It is hotter than Hawaii. It is cooler during the day.

The two words that describe Guam are scenic and scenic beauty. There is a lot to see if you are lucky enough to be part of a tour group.

There are two parks on Guam. The first is Roble Park. It is near Hagta. The park is located right on the shore of a body of water. Hagta is in Guam. The second park is the Paje Parkway. It is near the town of Maribor. This park is a tourist attraction. It is near the town center and lots of shopping centers. This is a great place to take the family.

One attraction you might not see from the air is the Guam Museum of History. It is located near the airport. There is a museum inside the airport. It has a world museum. It has a bar, an ice rink, an aquarium, a theater and a cafe.

Hagta is the main street in Hagta. The main street turns into Old Hagta after it gets about two miles. It turns into a main street and then turns into Old Hagta. It is a high mountain street. It is a narrow street. This makes it a good spot for families to enjoy time together. There are a few places to sit and enjoy the scenery. It is a place for picnics.

When on Hagta do not forget to visit the shopping center. It is right by the airport. It is in the first block. It is on the third level. It has a department store and a movie theater. There is a good bookstore at the airport. It is about a quarter of a mile from the parking lot.

There is a great coffee shop to enjoy a cappuccino. Also, there is a pizza place that delivers. It is next to the bookstore and the airport. It is in a plaza. There is a restaurant and a deli next to the airport and a bookstore. There are three bus stops. There are buses from Guam International Airport. When at Hagta take the one nearest the town.

The weather is pleasant and does not change often. There is usually rainfall. The wind can get up to twenty miles per hour. That is what gets people out of their cars. There is a change of weather, but the weather does not change often. It is very pleasant and does not keep people indoors. For relaxation there is a good place, but do not forget to bring a sweater. For trekking and climbing, the rocks are excellent and safe.

There is a lot of green on Hagta and even on the nearby islands. Most of the land is rugged dirt that you could climb, walk on, and drive on. There is forest that stretches off from the island and out to the island by about thirty miles. That is a tropical rain forest and that is about it. There is an island that was recently discovered by the navy and is a protected marine sanctuary. There are also small uninhabited islands that are in international waters. There is very little in the way of pollution or waste and only one dump is found there. There is a large concentration of whales and dolphins. All the small islands have marine mammals and an abundance of birds. There are also a lot of plant species that are hard to grow and many of them have exotic names like "Sugar Cane" and "Elephant Grass". The whole place makes you want to go swimming. There is water skiing, wind surfing, and an island that is a perfect place for diving.

The water is clear. You do not need a diving certificate. The visibility is very good. The water is clean and beautiful. There is an island that has one of the best scuba diving sites. The island is called "Sugar Cane Island". The water is full of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs. There are also plenty of other exotic varieties of fish and sea creatures. There is also an island that is a beautiful place to swim.

You can enjoy the view and spend time snorkeling around the island, but the best is yet to come. When you leave the water you will feel the chill of the water and wind howl through the tree tops. It is a wonderful place to be and you will not want to leave. The island has a lot of friendly people and a clean, safe town. The people are extremely friendly and outgoing. The government also feels that visitors should be treated with courtesy and respect. The law is not strict.

I have told you what to bring and what not to bring. The island has a high percentage of nature and the whole place is at peace. It is very peaceful. There is not one traffic. And if there is a traffic, it is only one lane wide one on the road that goes down the center of the island. The rest of the lanes of traffic go into town. So, it is a peaceful place to visit.

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