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Wired Hermit by SWS

SWS, Kosrae, Micronesia, 9/11/2000: Field Notes:

How many times have you wondered if its possible to escape the rat race of the City and find an island of your dreams. . . maybe with no people. . . just dolphins, palm trees, beautiful sunsets, white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, etc. . . well anyone who saw the Matrix or who even imagined a tuna fish sandwich before making it, knows that anything you can dream can become real. Especially when all that we call real is just a dream. . .A little boy in his room alone is God. . . until his Mom knocks on the door. . . the challenge is to find an island where it is possible to Grok- to dream- in complete peace without distraction. Then we can grok on an infinite level. This is tough- but with the help of digital tools it is possible. To date there have been a limited number of successful industrial hermits, but with technology increasing at a breakneck speed, the potential for the wired hermit is infinite. We need nothing but an island, a few coconuts and a laptop.

Anyone can be a hermit, but the wired hermit must be able to get online at all times. He is a new evolution of hermit- one who escapes but communicates digitally from a safe distance.

With a whole new generation of web developers, dot com millionaires, and other internet and creative digital professionals, location has suddenly become completely irrelevant. We have a choice to live anywhere on the planet with nothing else but food, water, and a phone line. So wherever we live we are making a statement- "I can be anywhere else on the planet right now, living as easily and making the same income, but I choose to be right here." Wherever we live we are endorsing as the best place in the world. But I choose to endorse no one. So I live on an island. I suspect more will follow. This site should help.

Dylan Tauber, Son of Waves Studios, 2000

Info on past hermits/hermit evolution:

  • The Hermit - one who retires from society, primarily for religious reasons, and lives in solitude, beginning with early Christian hermits in 300 A.D- definition by Encyclopaedia Britannica. Dictionary.com - 1. A person who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence; a recluse. 2. A spiced cookie made with molasses, raisins, and nuts.
  • This site is not about the spiced cookie.

  • Robins Caruso - fictionalized hermit, but an inspirational tale nonetheless
  • Thoreau/Walden's Pond- a more modern hermit, but still no laptop
  • Howard Hughes - the first and perhaps most successful post-industrial hermit
  • Nikola Tesla - A genius who can teach us all a lot.
  • SeaLand - The island has become digital.
  • Man lives alone on desert island for 20 years, after losing fortune. He has an internet connection.
  • And now. . the Digital Hermit. . . and the migration to I S L A N D : Below you will find links to loads of information to help the wired hermit of the digital age.

    Info on islands with ISPs: - visit SWS Island to see where SWS has been.

  • Micronesia - Kosrae, Yap, Chuuk, and Pohnpei. $2 per hour via FSM telecom.
  • Tahiti
  • Fiji
  • Cook Islands
  • Bahamas
  • Philippines
  • Western Samoa
  • Bali
  • Florida Keys, part of US mainland, but islands with dolphins, unlimited ISP
  • Wired Hermit Wannabes:

  • make a living online
  • how to find the right island
  • better make sure you have the right machine
  • Great book- "Blueprint for Paradise, How to live on a tropical island"
  • Another Great book- "An Island to Oneself - No video cameras and immunity for Tom Neale, he did the real deal all by himself for years on a deserted atoll. "
  • Wired Hermit Resources

  • expatriation- an excellent source of information on how to live abroad, including information on taxes, real estate, and in depth country profiles for the expatriate.
  • Solar Powered Pod Home- A very cool solar powered micro home starting at 86,000 US dollars, that allows you to live anywhere. Unit delivery begins in early 2017.
  • safe air travel - best to avoid large cities. travel with a companion if possible. Best to fly in small planes, or in own boat.
  • offshore investment
  • boat resources- you can purchase power boats and sailboats through this site
  • boating sales- the largest supply of boats and yachts online.
  • online shopping- a great way to live as a hermit, is to shop online
  • Books and Info
  • Alternative Energy
  • Alternative car fuel - you can power a diesel car with ethanol
  • Solar Power- solar cabin kits ranging from $1,600 - $5,000
  • HomePower magazine- an online magazine with information on solar power
  • International Shipping - live offshore, but order from US companies online, and have the orders forwarded to you inexpensively!
  • Survival tools:

  • online Food supply
  • dehydrated food- you can buy a 1 year supply or even longer
  • Water filtration
  • if you live in the continental US, you can order groceries online from Amazon (with free shipping)
  • Camping gear
  • wilderness survival skills/gear- a great web site offering camping, survival, and preparedness gear.
  • Self contained water storage
  • Digital Tools - how to get online as far from the grid as possible:

  • Mobile - tools for a digital nomad
  • Mobile high speed net access via satellite- mobile coverage in all of North America,
  • Field notes on a laptop and cell modem
  • GPS for Macbook Pro:
  • satellite phones - $500 for GlobalStar phone, $19.99 per month, roughly $2 per minute from most places in the world
  • Laptops/PDA wireless devices
  • Laptop Solar Power 2022- solar power for your laptop!
  • Fixed
  • Fixed satellite broadband access- , available in all of continental US. Even in rural areas. Broadband.
  • Wireless Phone line extenders- (Telemobile PTEL System) up to 10 miles to allow off grid wired living. or option 2 - I-WLL
  • Starlink high speed net connection from anywhere in the US (even in rural areas)
  • Shelter:

  • Rural Real Estate- you can buy rural real estate all over the US. I still recommend an island, however.
  • Alternative/build your own shelter
  • Recommended Hermit Retreats:
  • Private Islands for Sale

  • Private Islands Online -escape it all and live on a private island. Islands available for sale and rent all over the world. Starting at under $100,000.
  • "Only one thing a man can do. . find something that's his, and make an island for himself." The Thin Red Line

    "how many people's blood have been spilled for your little piece of paradise?" The Beach

    "He is beginning to Believe" The Matrix

    "The force will be with you. . Always" - Star Wars

    Son of Waves Studios


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